Philosophy, Mission, and Planning

Describes the philosophy and mission of Watchdog for Accuracy in News-reporting, Japan and its business activities and growth plan.

Philosophy and Misson

  • Based on recognition that the most important value in a democratic society is the right to free access to information and freedom of the press.
  • Aim to be a neutral third party verification agency for the major Japanese media.
  • Protect against the adverse affects of damage caused by inaccurate reporting, information manipulation, etc.
  • Improve the ethics of news coverage, in service of the people’s right to obtain accurate information.
  • Contribute to the realization of a civil society wherein everyone can enjoy the benefits of a genuinely free press.


  • Manage the website “GoHoo” for monitoring news by the mass media.
  • Support for parties affected by particular reporting, providing space for them to refute the claims made therein. 
  • Research and propose in order to improve the accuracy and ethicality of new-reporting. 
  • Hold symposiums and seminars for proposals in order to examine the role of the media.
  • Construct and implement a quality control system for third party inspection of the mass media.
  • Any business incidental or related to the preceding items.


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Project Expenditures

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