Introduction: What is GoHoo

GoHoo is a website dedicated to gathering and examining false reports presented by the Japanese mass media. A false report is called “Go-hoo” in Japanese.

“There is a factual error in the whole or a part of what has been reported; mass media coverage is likely to be mistaken as factual by the reader” is our interpretation of a Go-hoo.

This website attempts to present facts only, without introducing any particular opinion or position, and to promote the accuracy of news-reporting by the mass media.

This website’s features are as listed below:

  • We gather Japanese newspaper’s “corrections” which notice a factual error or mistake that appeared in their past issue. GoHoo is the only website which allows people to view these erroneous articles easily.   [Corrections At a Glance(Japanese)]
  • We warn people not to believe the truth of the particular new-reporting if we find it is highly suspected of including misinformation or untruths. We also introduce reliable claims made by people or organizations involved in a given story that the news is not based on fact.   [Advisories(Japanese)]
  • We carry out a thorough investigation into whether or not the news is based on fact. When we find news that includes misinformation, or misleads readers about the reported facts, we judge this to be a false report and display all evidence, information sources and materials pertinent to the facts so people can verify our work easily.   [Misinformation Reports(Japanese)]
  • We also investigate problems related to the accuracy and credibility of news reporting in the mass media.   Examples of this include; the causes of a false report, the use of expressions that may mislead readers, and self-inspection reports made by the media.   [Investigative Reports(Japanese)]
  • We also provide space for the mass media to respond and present their argument to our reports if they wish to do so.
  • A ‘corrections’ page will also appear in our reports which may include retractions and additional information.   [GoHoo’s Corrections(Japanese)]

(Nov 19,2012)