The following organizations and individuals support our mission and act as collaborators:


A support team maintains and develops the GoHoo website and contributes management of WANJ.

Provides meeting space for WANJ, and its president, Yuichi Tanaka is also a manager of WANJ and participates in Gohoo planning.

Endorsements’ message

  • Kazuyuki Azusawa

-Lawyer and board of directors representative of “News for the People in Japan“, a founding member of and attorney for “Lawyers network for Media Victims damaged by news coverage “.

“This effort will hit mass media where it hurts, because it challenges a core component of their self-identity: their infallibility. I hope that it will be catalyst for self-reform.”

  • Hajime Kitamura

-Kinyobi, Ltd. President, former Editor-in-Chief of the “Sunday Mainichi” (a weekly magazine published by the Mainichi Shimbun)

“At first glance it seems that “GoHoo” is inherently media criticism, but it actually also supports the media. Television and newspaper reports earnestly need diligent verification. I am eager for such a service.”

  • Atsushi Kusano

-Professor: Keio University, former Chairman of Institute of Media Research

“The perception of news coverage in general is that it tends to be true. But in practice, there are many false reports and inaccurate information. Previously we did not have the authority to “sound the alarm” on these mistakes, but GoHoo will be able to do it. I hope that their activities create an opportunity for the media to “shape up”.”

  • Setsu Mori

-Editor-in-chief of “Alterna“(Social Business Magazine), formerly a reporter for the Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese Economic Newspaper)

“The greatest duty of corporations’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a dialogue with society. Of course, this applies to the media. Watchdog for Accuracy in News-reporting, Japan is the fisrt good partner for the Japanese media to dialogue with. I expect that we will work hard for each other.”

(Nov 19, 2012)